The statement below was written in 2017. The Montreal Urban Left went into hibernation. A new generation is working on its revival. The spirit of what is written below is still relevant. It remains for the sake of continuity and context.

If you’d like to work with us to revive this project and update our statement of intent, please Contact Us.

Who We Are

We are a group of citizens who have assembled from various boroughs throughout the city of Montreal in the wake of the 2017 election of a new municipal government avowedly committed to “sustainable development, democracy, sound management and transparency.” We welcome the election of Valérie Plante, Montreal’s first female mayor, and we believe that a Projet Montréal government opens up genuine possibilities to move City Hall and Montreal in a progressive direction. But a party in power is subject to different pressures than a party in opposition. The entrenched interests of real estate developers, local elites, and international capital will not easily yield to democratic process and the needs and will of the majority of Montreal citizens. Moreover, history shows time and again that political parties with progressive aspirations are not immune to the afflictions of power: complacency, cooptation and corruption.

The Montreal Urban Left has constituted itself as a forum for reflection and discussion on the efforts, achievements and gaps of the new municipal government. We aim to pay close attention to its policy decisions and its success in fulfilling its commitments regarding democracy and transparency. We are prepared to mobilize around issues we see as critical to making the region of Montreal more equitable, inclusive, greener and liveable. We seek to build a democratic common front of citizens and social movements who share a broad vision of the future of our city and are eager to make their voices heard.

Our Coordinating Committee

Roger Rashi

Donald Cuccioletta

Andrea Levy

Dimitri Roussopoulos

Shawn Katz, Communications Officer

Our Contact People

Shawn Katz, Democracy and citizen participation

Hassoun Karam, Housing and right to the community

Jean-François Robert, Mobility and ecological transition

Patricia Alexander, Equality and inclusion

Get in Touch

For all proposals, questions, or suggestions, please reach us at <>.

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