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Monthly Recap & Readings – June 1st

Every month we’re going to round-up important news or conversations you might have missed from around the internet. We put together a synopsis for quick skimming, followed by a list of relevant readings and videos from the past month. Our focus is on stories that impact Montreal and those that are relevant to our broader political lives. We try our best to include both English- and French-language media.

The Paris Commune 1871: 150th Year Anniversary of the First Socialist Government

Originally published by Alternatives International. Saturday 1 May 2021, by Donald Cuccioletta The French Revolution of 1789 opened up a period of French history that led to the first socialist government, The Paris Commune 1871. The French Revolution of 1789 ushered in an attempt, sometimes successful sometime not, to create a form of republican democracy. The overthrow of the French […]

The Political Future of Montreal: Charting Our Best Course

As we move closer to getting the pandemic under control, there will be a strong tendency to return to ‘business as usual’. We need to push back hard against this. Citizens are hungry for real change.

Grassroots Movement Facing Big “Urban Developments”

Grassroots Movement Facing Big “Urban Developments” In 2007, the Quebec provincial government, in collaboration with the City of Montreal, chose to shut down and empty out some well-known city hospitals, such as the Hotel Dieu, Children’s Hospital, Royal Victoria, and Notre Dame. Their project was to replace these with two super hospitals; one in the west end of Montreal under [...]

Montreal’s bottom-up social democracy

Montreal's Bottom-Up Social Democracy This article was originally published on Progressive City. Residents of St-Henri, Montreal display a collective art project at a protest-assembly in front of the borough's city hall to demand public ownership of the derelict Canada Malting factory. The text reads: "St-Henri, my neighborhood is not for sale", "a meeting place for everyone", and "my garden". Montreal [...]

Opportunities for the Montreal Urban Left

Opportunities exist for an organized urban left one year into the Projet Montréal administration’s mandate. That was the key message of a recent event organized by the Montreal Urban Left, an initiative launched in the wake of the 2017 Montreal election.

Ste-Catherine Street and the reconquest of public space

The Plante administration’s push to recast Ste-Catherine Street as the spine of a greener and more people-friendly downtown raises hopes that Montreal might finally join the global movement to reconquer our city spaces from cars.

Projet Montréal era an opportunity to democratize the city

The rise of Projet Montréal presents us with a vital opportunity to revive and reinvent local democracy for the 21st century, and to join cities around the world that are forging a new citizen-powered politics built on the principles of participation, solidarity and inclusion.

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