General Assembly of the Montreal Urban Left

Proposed agenda for the GA of January 30, 2018

1. Municipal situation – update (30 mins)
a. reactions to the first budget of the administration Plante
b. next Projet Montréal conference: April 21, 2018
Objective: rethink the structures and the action of the party following the victory of last November 5th
c. Other

2. Report of Thematic Working Groups (60 minutes)
a. Brief report from each of the 6 working groups
b. priorities

3. Creation of a newsletter of the Montreal Urban Left (15 mins)

4. Establishment of a MUL Coordinating Committee (10 min)

5. Varia (5mins)


6-7 pm: potluck, wine, cheese and other good things.

7-9 pm: General Assembly

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